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R: Basic Mathematical Functions

R can perform the usual mathematical operations, below are the functions:

+    - addition-    - subtraction*    - multiplication/    - division
sin      - sinecos      - cosinetan      - tangentasin    - sine inverseacos    - cosine inverseatan    - tangent inverse
Linear Algebra
+            - element-wise addition-            - element-wise subtraction*            - element-wise multiplication/            - element-wise division%*%        - matrix multiplicationt            - transpose eigen    - eigenvalues and eigenvectorssolve    - inverse of matrixginv      - generalized inverse, requires MASS packagerbind    - combines vectors of observations horizontally into matrix classcbind    - combines vectors of observations vertically into matrix class

Kabacoff, R. I. Matrix Algebra. Quick-R. Retrieved April 20, 2013. Trigonometric Functions. R Documentation. R.2.15.1

R: Installing, Loading, and Detaching Packages

To install a package in R, the function to be used is install.packages. Let say we want to install the ggplot2 package, simply code this with the following:

To install more than one package, utilize the concatenate function, c

Note that in executing the above codes, a dialogue box will pop up asking for the CRAN-Mirror, just choose the one that's in or near your country. Now to load these packages, run

And to detach these packages, run