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R: Text Mining on Twitter #PrayForMH370 Malaysia Airlines

Warning: Twitter have redesigned the interface of their developers' page, thus the screenshots below are now useless. But this has nothing to do with the codes, so you can still use it.

It's been two weeks for search and rescue operations of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, after it vanished from the radar on March 8, 2014. And wherever they are, we hope and pray for them.

In this post, we are going to do text data mining on Twitter tweets containing #PrayForMH370 from March 8, to March 20, 2014 using Twitter API. First, we need to have an authentication on the Twitter API, to obtain the data. In the proceeding tutorial, the idea and codes for Twitter authentication were based from Julianhi's amazing blog, and I am going to replicate his code to save a copy of it.

Python: Numerical Descriptions of the Data

We are going to explore the basics of Statistics using Python. And we'll go through the following:
Importing the data;Apply summary statistics;Other measures of variability (variance and coefficient of variation);Other measures of position (percentile and decile);Estimate the Skewness and Kurtosis; and bonus,Visualize the histogram;Data -- volume of palay (rice) production from five regions (Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, and Kalinga) of the central Luzon, Philippines. To import this, execute the following:

To check the first and last five entries of the data, use head() and tail() methods, respectively; and to apply the summary statistics, use the describe() method,

RUG-Philippines Meetup: Markov Switching Models in R

To the R users based in the Philippines, there will be upcoming meetup, here are the details:

topics: Markov Switching Models in R
           byOhly Santos

           How to use the optim function in R
           by Joe Brillantes

venue: 9/F Sun Life Centre, 5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive, 
           Bonifacio Global City, 1634, Taguig

date:Friday March 28, 2014
           7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Philippine Standard Time)

deadline for RSVP:
Sunday March 23, 2014
           11:59 PM (Philippine Standard Time)

           Please fill up the form before the deadline for RSVP. Your admittance to the venue will depend on whether or not you're in the list that will be submitted on 24 of March 2014.

The event is still open to anyone interested as long as you're in the list.

Final note, do join the R Users Group - Philippines on Meetup.