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Mathematica: Introducing the Wolfram Language

Finally, here it is, check out the video below as Stephen Wolfram showcases the Wolfram language,

From my previous post, I said that I used Wolfram Mathematica for about a year before I embrace R. And frankly, I've been in love with Mathematica; it never stops on suprising me every time I use it. You can have beautiful, interactive 3D plots or any type of plots in just few lines of code; you can estimate symbolically the maximum likelihood of a distribution; and many fun stuffs. In fact, I have screencasts on Youtube about Mathematica, here it is

By the way, just a word of caution about the video, I have a bad English back then, so forgive me for that.

To continue the story, it was heart-breaking when I decided to leave Mathematica for a while, since it is expensive. However, I am still hoping in the near future, that I can grab a license copy of this software.